THEME [REGPOT-2012-2013-1 NMP]
[Any research topic covered by the EU FP7
Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials
and new Production Technologies – NMP]


“Research and Innovation Capacity Strengthening of ISSP-BAS
in Multifunctional Nanostructures”

Grant agreement no: 316309

Starting date / Duration
October 1st, 2013 / 36 + 6 months

Academician Alexander G. Petrov

Project Manager:
Assoc. Prof. Emil Vlakhov

Financial and Administrative Manager:
Prof. Kiril Blagoev

The Institute of Solid State Physics, part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the leading Bulgarian Research Institute in the field of solid matter research and its applications into multifunctional nanostructures. The INERA is an important mean for ISSP to rapidly increase its human and technological capacities, to reinforce its local networks and to deepen its partnerships on a European scale. It will mainly consist in an upgrade of equipment, scientific mobility trainings in leading EU research centres, life-long trainings, partnership deepening and dissemination activities. INERA aims at preparing ISSP to become a national reference and reliable player on multifunctional planar nanostructures innovation niche employing available research capabilities and seeking EU soundness and visibility. The main expected project outcome for ISSP is to provide a new interdisciplinary view, to establish new links for common research and to encourage future synergies on national and international levels. The project will strengthen the capacity of business exploitation of research results and cooperation with industry and will build a long-term collaboration with research organizations and enterprises from EU. The project will have an important innovation impact as core research activities at ISSP are streamlined towards development of a Tunable Tool NanoMembrane: durable, high permeability, high thermal budget, tunable, scalable and Mass Production Capable Nanomembrane. This is expected to bring a new step in membrane technology development, triggering an avalanche of new products and processes in a wide range of applications including all known membrane industry aspects (separation by organic solvents, global water challenge like wastewater/desalination, fuel cells applications, and the life-health industries) with significant improvement of their energy effectiveness and environment “shadow print”. INERA is supported by 8 leading EU research and 4 industry partners.