Work packages

  • WP 1 – Strengthening research infrastructure
  • WP1 consists in improving the ISSP-BAS material infrastructure by upgrading the available laboratory equipment to reach the top modern level research in Multifunctional nanostructures Science and Technology through the acquisition of new facilities. Six main units will be purchased by ISSP-BAS and sat up in laboratories for use by its five INERA research working groups. Training on these new devices will be organised for the scientific personnel of the Institute.

    WP Leader: Assoc. Prof. Y. Marinov

  • WP 2 – ISSP-BAS research organisation and recruitment
  • WP2 consists in improving the ISSP-BAS scientific capacity through Human Resources and review of the research organization. The new approach of the ISSP-BAS research organization will be formed around 5 interdisciplinary research groups (staff efforts are not considered, re-focusing of research being the preliminary basis for conducting the overall INERA action plan and strategy). The approach is driven by the priority of conducting new and market driven researches. A recruitment campaign will be launched and performed in this WP to answer the research re-focusing and innovation requirements; in total 8 experienced and young researchers will be hired and a strategy to attract back “young brains” from Bulgaria (at least 3) will be a priority for the ISSP-BAS.

    WP Leader: Prof. N. Tonchev

  • WP 3 – Exchange of knowledge and mobility
  • WP3 consists in improving knowledge level of the existing/to-be-hired-human resources through two-way mobility of researchers with partners and increase knowledge on a large scale within Europe. Scientists of ISSP-BAS will perform a total of 62 collaborative visits for both junior (up to 3 months) and senior researchers (2-6 weeks) at the Institutions and laboratories of INERA partners. In return, ISSP-BAS will welcome experienced scientists from the INERA partners Universities and Institutes to organised specialized trainings sessions.

    WP Leader: Assoc. Prof. E. Dimova

  • WP 4 – Innovation capacity building
  • WP4 aims at maximizing ISSP-BAS innovation potential and at exploring possible areas for commercialization through Intellectual Property Strategy enhancement and training of researchers on Intellectual Property and knowledge Transfer utilization and management, and commercialization of research results.

    WP Leader: Assoc. Prof. M. Grozeva

  • WP 5 – Strengthening visibility – Integration of ISSP-BAS in ERA as a major player
  • WP5 consists in collaboration deepening with INERA partners and other actors within Europe. A Multifunctonal Nanostructures Science and Technology Platform with INERA partners is envisaged to be set up and new collaborations with other research centres of excellence will be pursued, as well as exploring opportunities to join existing platforms. Furthermore scientific activities will be set-up at international level (two international conferences and one workshop) and at national level to federate the Bulgarian network in physical sciences and technology with the participation of the relevant authorities.

    WP Leader: Prof. K. Gesheva

  • WP 6 – Project dissemination
  • WP6 covers project results dissemination including the organisation of open-days, the development and updating of a web portal and the dissemination of press releases and scientific publications in both national and international journals.

    WP Leader: Prof. H. Chamati

  • WP 7 – Project management
  • WP 8 – Evaluation of ISSP-BAS research strategy