Position for a leading equipment specialist in applied physics (thin layer deposition)

Contract type: Temporary


Within the context of the EU funded project INERA (Grant agreement no: 316309) “Research and Innovation Capacity Strengthening of ISSP-BAS in Multifunctional Nanostructures” (http://www.inera.org), the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) is looking for a leading equipment specialist in applied physics (thin layer deposition), responsible for ALD and PECVD.

ISSP is a leading Bulgarian research institute in the field of solid matter research and its applications into multifunctional nanostructures. The INERA is an important means for ISSP to rapidly increase its human and technological capacities, to reinforce its local networks and to deepen its partnerships on a European scale. It will mainly consist in an upgrade of equipment, scientific mobility trainings in leading EU research centres, life-long trainings, partnership deepening and dissemination activities.

Organizing the installation of equipment for researching and mastering thin-film technology for graphene, carbon nanotubes, two-dimensional structures, III-V compound thin films, R&D in thin films / multilayers by ALD and PECVD. The job assignments will include:
• preparing various multifunctional planar nanostructures, nanocomposites, nanostructured films and multilayered structures based thereof;
• identifying technologies and products related to know-how and intellectual property developed within the project frames.

The position is limited to 15.07.2016.
An internationally competitive salary, dependent on experience, will be offered.

A Master degree (M.S.) in physics, with emphasis in thin film materials and devices, new materials, equipment start-up, preparation of environment and equipment for experimental growth of various thin films, technologies, processes, characterization and testing thereof.
Long time experience in:
- Crystal growth in bulk and thin film form, particularly Si and III-V compounds by CVD method;
- Deployment, testing and launching of epitaxial reactor equipment and mastering deposition technology of CVD Si, MOCVD, PECVD, III-V CVD, etc.;
- Building the infrastructure for the normal operation of the aforementioned equipment, including: the layout of gas lines, tubing and systems for ultra-pure gases and systems for their purification;
- Handling highly toxic, explosive and combustible gases under high pressure;
- Design and construction of clean rooms for micro- and optoelectronics and the pertaining infrastructure in them.
In-depth knowledge of semiconductor and nano-physics, materials synthesis and production techniques; safety handling of chemicals and reagents used in contemporary micro- and optoelectronics production.
Knowledge of English and Bulgarian is required.

Application documents: CV, list of publications, names and contact e-mail of two potential referees

Application e-mail address: inerawp2@issp.bas.bg

Application Deadline: 20/01/2015

Envisaged Job Starting Date: 02/02/2015