In the frame of the project INERA on June 30th (Monday) 2014 in the Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Hall 300 the following

Design and investigation of nanostructured novel materials

will take place.


 14:00 – 14:45     Lecturer: Prof. Valentin Popov, DSc
(Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia)
“Graphene: properties and application – a review”
14:45 – 15:15     Discussion

15:15 – 16:00     Lecturer: Prof. Savcho Tinchev, DSc
(Institute of Electronics – Bulg. Acad. Sci.)
“Carbon-based electronics: a review”
16:00 – 16:30     Discussion

16:30 – 17:15     Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Victor Ivanov, PhD
(Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia)
“Magnetoelectric and multiferroic oxides: properties, technology and applications – a review”
17:15 – 17:45     Discussion