Seminar – Characterization of III-Nitride films and nanowires grown by MEAglow (Migration Enhanced Afterglow) MOCVD

Speaker: Penka Terziyska


Experimental results on InN nanowires growth and characterization will be presented. Products are grown by MEAglow technique which is a low temperature migration enhanced chemical vapour deposition technique for growth of group III – Nitrides, where nitrogen plasma is used as a source of active nitrogen. Self-catalytic growth is demonstrated. The nanowires are about 2μm long and are terminated with In-metal droplet on top. Selective area growth of vertically oriented nanorods and an experimental evidence for the nucleation and the growth mechanism will also be presented. Results from X-Ray diffraction, SEM and TEM structural characterization will be presented.

Venue: Hall 300, Institute of Solid State Physics, 72 Tzarigradsko Chaussee