INERA Conference 2016

Vapor Phase Technologies for Metal Oxide and Carbon Nanostructure

5-9 July, 2016, Velingrad, Bulgaria


  • Atomic Layer Deposition and its Applications
  • Assisted CVD Processes
  • CVD and PVD Carbon Based Materials
  • CVD and PVD Functional Oxides
  • Laser Induced Processes in Metal Oxide and Carbon Nanostructures
  • Characterization Techniques Employed for Metal Oxide and Carbon Nanostructures

Chairman: Academician Alexander G. Petrov, INERA coordinator

Scientific Secretary: Professor Kostadinka Gesheva, INERA WP leader

Local Organizing committee:

Prof Hassan Chamati – Director ISSP-BAS
Prof. Kiril Blagoev – INERA and ISSP-BAS Financial Director
Assoc.Prof. Emil Vlakhov – INERA Manager ISSP-BAS
Prof Marin Gospodinov – ISSP-BAS
Assoc. Prof Peter Rafailov – ISSP-BAS
Assoc. Prof. Yordan Marinov – ISSP-BAS
Assoc. Prof Anna Szekeres – ISSP-BAS
Assoc. Prof Tatyana Ivanova – CLSENES-BAS
Dr Radostina Kamburova – CLSENES-BAS
Dr Dimitre Dimitrov – INERA ISSP-BAS
Dr. Jerome Leclercq – INERA ISSP-BAS
Dr Blagoy Blagoev – INERA ISSP-BAS